TWIST is coming to LA!
11.11.16 - 8pm at Wanderlust Yoga, Hollywood

In the beginning, the One Thing separates, and then we choose… Life is overflowing with choices - from the moment we are born until the moment we leave this world..... The night of November 11th, we can have all of the fun of experimenting with choices with none of the consequences.....

Sexy, sophisticated, and wonky, TWIST is an abstract choose-your-own-adventure into the nooks and crannies of the labyrinth of life. This show is truly unique and truly interactive - with 64 different possibilities in each show - no two shows will ever be the same!

Performances bridging the breathtaking and the bizarre - with dance, live music, acrobatics, aerial elements, fire, food, and other unique interactive performance pieces.

Don't be timid, be prepared to interact, and if you aren't in LA, help us spread the word.

Highland Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028

Healthy and Amazing Food, and Beverages will be available for purchase.


Audience Reviews have been incredible - TWIST is a a mind-bending experience about our choices wherein the audience pilots the direction oft he show. No two shows are the same: You are getting Twisted!

Crash Alchemy pairs dance, acrobatics, flow and movement with custom video content, sensor-based visuals, interactive lighting effects and alternative projection techniques and surfaces. Twist bridges the space between real life and our imagination and invites you to examine the motives and effects of our choices.

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Get tickets online at

We also released a sweet youtube video of the first weekend of performances:


Thur, Nov 19 - Art Outside Discount Night with Xenoglossya
Fri, Nov 20 - CAPYAC, Slooom, and Amanda Gregory
Sat, Nov 21 - featuring Raby
Sun, Nov 22 - Bourgeois Mystics and Amanda Gregory

Click on the Photo below for a gallery of TWIST Weekend 1
Photos by Earl McGhee


Well friends, it's been one heck of a week, and we are grateful for it all!

Art Outside was rained out and cancelled Saturday morning, but Friday night was beautiful collaborating with Liberation Movement and joining Beautiful Chorus for opening ceremony. There was relatively little damage considering the immense amount of water that hit Apache Pass, so we feel very grateful for ourselves and everyone else to be safe and sound.... 

The other side of the Art Outside weather is that we were not able to perform our TWIST preview or promote our Indiegogo. With time closing in on the deadline for our Indiegogo, we still need all the love we can get to make TWIST as badass as possible. Here's a little photo from our tech rehearsal before the rains hit Art Outside:





If you happen to make it out to the Insomniac Halloween Event this weekend in San Bernadino, CA, be sure to look out for The Spires installation up and running with full interactivity and awesome! Check out this sweet pic by Daniel Zetterstrom at Symbiosis:






Dearest Friends and Lovers,

I am asking today for your support. If you are receiving this particular email, we may not have connected for awhile, and you might be wondering what I've been up to.... Well, for the last 2 and a half years, I've been working harder than I ever have in my life to build my dream collective - a group of artists and performers and techmeisters working together to bridge the space between real life and the imagination. To take us into both dark and beautiful places, to come out on the other side with questions about ourselves that can plant the seeds of transformation.

About 13 years ago, I was bestowed the nickname "Agent Red". This name became mine because I believe in what I jokingly call Benevolent Propaganda - the principle of using the slippery places of entertainment for positive change, rather than feeding addictions, disconnections, insecurities, and confusion/misinformation. I believe in the power of the space we go to when we are entertained, and the IMMENSE potentiality of the openness we achieve when interacting and engaging with entertaining stories. As artists, the more we ask questions, and the less we give answers to our audience, the more pure the message is..... The more immersive the experience, the clearer the channel, and more powerful the potential. We can play out and recreate our “stories” in this place, we can ask ourselves the most important questions without judgement, and this I have found to be my service to others.

When I fell 12 feet in an aerial performance almost five years ago, I lost my ability to perform, but I gained so much more. I had the gift of a circumstance that forced me to look at myself and what was important to me.


I began to ask myself  "How can I help people...:

#1 be better to themselves, their friends, community, and their earth?
#2 practice self-forgiveness and
#3 tap into their own creative potential?

#2 and #3 in turn empower us and lead us back to #1 again and so on and so forth....

So after a couple years of confusion and cleansing and doubting and rebirthing, I came to the realization, that this is my service, and Crash Alchemy came out of that. Not at first. At first a few people came out of the woodwork and offered the support and instigation I needed and NEVER would have asked for. We have had an incredible evolution only made possibly by our many collaborators and friends over the years, but more than anyone it was made possible by the first couple of people who really believed and showed their support, including Matthew Pallamary and the entire cast and crew of Land Without Evil - Show & Collaborators, Jacki Havlak, Stephen MacMillan Moser, Kate Parlee, and Randi Southard, Faith Beltz, Marcus Swagger, and João Data.

“Asking” for support has always been a challenge for me, and this takes a lot, but I know it’s the right thing to do, and that it’s vital for what lies ahead, so here goes:

I’m asking each of you who reads this to give something to our first-ever crowdfunding campaign - and if you can’t donate money, leave a comment on our campaign page. We have $1 levels of support, $5 levels, discount pre-sale tickets to our new show, TWIST, with performances Nov 13 - 15 and 20 - 22 in Austin, TX. Plus deep discounts on Art Outside Tickets, Crash shirts, dates with crashers, custom photo shoots, singing telegrams, and events, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff that comes right back to you in deepest gratitude.

Here is the link to our campaign:

The campaign is for our new show, TWIST, running November 13 - 15, 20 - 22 in Austin. This is a different kind of show then we have ever put on, where the audience chooses different directions to go, based on archetypal choices we have to make throughout our lifetimes. I'm really excited to share this with you, and promise we won’t let you down. Here's a little picture with the information on it as well, if you'd like to spread the word!


Thank you for taking the time to read this and for doing your part, dancing your dance, singing your song.  IF you haven’t been there recently, do it. Sing and Dance and do the things only YOU were meant to do and we’ll be holding it down over here in Austin, TX, representing the divine tricksters.

Sarah AgentRed Johnston



**I've added a lot of old friends from my address book and I've had some help with that process. If this letter is unwelcome or unfamiliar, feel free to let me know and I can remove you. Thank You!

For the first time ever, Crash Alchemy is seeking support from the community to finish development on our brand new interactive stage show, TWIST. This is a truly unique project, where the audience directly influences the material and no two shows are ever the same. The setting is the twisting maze that is this life, and the foundation is our individual and collective choices that determine our experience.  Our choices are our freedoms and our resposibilities - our highest and lowest points are based on them, and they are always present.  We have a ton of interesting perks for people in Austin and to ship to wherever you are!   We have discounted TWIST presale tickets and the lowest price on AO tickets available for your support.   Check out the campaign  here or by clicking the photo below.




My surgery went really well, and on the tail end of 8 days camping at a festival, things are looking pretty good!   I get to wear this stylie blue tape for two months to help the skin even out and so far, it's turned out to be a great way to meet new friends and strike up conversation.  I'm even more inspired to take care of my health after this experience, and among other things, will be building my wide-brim hat collection!  Here's a little photo of the current status - with and without the tape....





Yay!  We are performing our  3rd consecutive Art Outside and will be previewing excerpts of the new show TWIST along with some other new material at our stage show at 3am Saturday Night at the midway stage, right after Peelander Z.  We are thrilled to share this ticketing link for tickets to this years Art Outside festival at Apache Pass.  If you get tickets at this link, a generous percentage goes to support our performance there, and if you use the code "CRASH", you get $10 off a 3 day or 4 day pass.  NOTE:  We also have tickets for an even larger discount available on our new Indiegogo Campaign, but they are limited to 10, so get them while you can.






Both the Spires and our two stage shows were a huge hit at Symbiosis - we really brought a unique vibe to the event and it was the largest West Coast presence we have had yet - with 10 Spires Crew and 14 performance collaborators.   Everyone loved interacting with the Spires, we met some friends and fans for life, and will be releasing the performance recap soon.   Check out the Spires recap video on youtube by clicking on the photo below, filmed and edited by Crash Interactive Designer, Daniel Schaeffer. 






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