A new experience coming to Austin, TX April 29th for one night only.

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Praxis: the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, practiced, embodied, or realized

The Story

Praxis is a story about a young artist who becomes a woman in the face of fame and struggles to keep creating her art under the weight of the worlds expectations.

The Technology

A surreal and intense 60-minute Rock Opera, using hip hop, burlesque, modern dance, aerial, fire, video, and hologram effects, with immersive tech elements, and outrageous costume and set design.

The pre-show “Dada Disco” dance party with Henry Invisible will feature activation will lead guests to a large vanity mirror frame where they will be asked to do three things.

Think of your greatest passion.

Name it.

Tell us how you are putting it into action?

Video capture will be integrated into the last scene of the Main Show, and will be ideally available for like-minded guests to link up.