Benevolent Propaganda

The best entertainment creates moments in which we let our guard down and suspend our boundaries. It allows us to experience something totally real and imaginary at the same time, dissolving limitations. Interactive entertainment requires action and dialogue, and flows with the moment.

This provides an opportunity for us to recreate our stories and craft new perceptions of ourselves and our world. When we interact with our entertainment, we solidify the transformation.

Utilizing innovative technology and effects, Agent Red creates a bridge between real life and the imagination. With movement and music on a narrative foundation, Agent Red creates a transformational cycle of raw reality and surreal imagination in her work, that brings grand and immersive visions to audiences.

In regards to Benevolent Propaganda, the right questions are more important than the right answers. Powerful stories have two parts….. The Exhale of raw humor, spectacle, and sensory stimulation is the partner to the Inhale. The probing delicate places in the theme and narrative, that we rarely give ourselves permission to access in everyday life.

Most importantly, Agent Red creates striking and gentle reminders that the universe has a wicked sense of humor and we are all Perfect…ly…. flawed.

I function as a bridge between the real world and the world of the imagination or Psicodelia or dreams however you want to see geometry from chaos. Assembly style Director. I put the puzzle pieces together and I like to draw strong visual teams together to help me with my emotional and narrative vision. My leading characters are often women


Agent Red has been independently creating, facilitating, and executing innovative and groundbreaking works for festivals, corporate and private events for over a decade. With her finger perpetually on the pulse of the collective consciousness, she has been a serious force in the recognition, development and productions of brands like The Do Lab, Lucent Dossier, SORNE, Art Outside Festival,
and is the Founder and Director of Crash Alchemy.

Red has many facets of experience, with an education in Film, Video, and Theater, and a professional portfolio of projects that merge a strong narrative with Interactivity, Music, Movement, Immersive Media and Technology. With Red’s fortunate digression as a professional acrobat and dancer, a disabling acrobatic accident in 2011 led to her return to directing. In 2012, she was invited to create and direct a show, Land Without Evil as the subject of a PBS documentary.

The impact of that show led the way to several new original projects out of Austin under the moniker of Crash Alchemy.

After several years in Austin, building a quality portfolio of original and contracted works, she is ready to bring her vision elsewhere around the United States and globally, focusing on Immersive and Mixed Media venues, and live Stage Shows for musicians and bands, and other narrative-driven live experiences.